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as a lever for innovation

The Green Factor was founded in Spain in 2021.
As a Spin-Off of the Technical University of Madrid, its goal is to promote the technologies generated from applied research projects (financed by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology -EIT- under the Climate KIC calls). The founding partners are doctorate-level university researchers specialized in architecture, sustainability, and new technologies.

Passion for our work

Our experts at your service

The Green Factor is formed by a multicultural team with different skills, which helps us create solutions from different perspectives while keeping ease of use and efficiency at the heart of our sustainable spirit.

Creators of efficient

While we worked as university researchers, we had the opportunity to work on different European innovation projects, collaborating with other researchers from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France.
Reaching the same conclusion at the end of each project, cities must be regenerated with nature to adapt (survive) to climate change.
Also, as individuals in a larger society, we need to re-insert nature into our daily life environments.
These reasons led us to strive and take a step forward to turn our scientific research into efficient, graceful, affordable, and sustainable nature-based products.

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Creating solutions that combine innovation with nature, for a unique and effective air purification experience.

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